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Adab Al-Kufa

مجلة اداب الكوفة

ISSN: 19948999
Publisher: University of Kufa
Faculty: Arts
Language: Arabic and English
Subject: Social sciences (General) --- Law (General) --- Languages --- Literature --- History of Europe --- Historical osteology --- Prehistoric archaeology --- Education (General) --- Historical archaeology --- General bibliographies --- Library and information science (General) ---

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Humectations Quarterly Journal, College of Arts, University of Kufa.The Journal had been established in 2008, the first issue had publishedin Jonuary of 2008 , to be a scientific Journal of Humanities with the International serial No. (19948999), . since its first issue three editor in chiefs occupied this position :- prof .Dr. Abd Ali Hasen Al- Khafaf . And prof .Dr. Hasen Easa Al- Hakeem and Assist .prof. Dr. Alaa Hussain Al- Rehaimy and Assist .prof. Dr.Hadi Abdul - Naby Al- Temimy
The Journal aimsat diffusing the cultural and scientific awareness in all the Humanities fields aswell as publishing the faculty members researches for the promotion purpose .Due to its High scientific efficiency , it attracts many researchers from Iraq and out of Iraq . It is Worthly to say that the Journal is issued auarterly , grants the researcher afree copy of the issue that carries their researches.

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• توجه المراسلات الرسمية إلى رئيس تحرير المجلة وعلى العنوان الآتي:
جمهورية العراق / محافظة النجف الأشرف/ المدينة الجامعية / كلية الآداب/
مجلة (آداب الكوفة)
د. هادي عبد النبي التميمي (رئيس التحرير)
نقال 07808504092 و07801423265 و 210550
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• تطلب المجلة من: كلية الآداب - جامعة الكوفة .

• Official Correspondence is directed to the journal editor in chief director on the following address:
Republic of Iraq, Holy Najaf Governorate, University City , College of Arts
Dr. Hadi Al-timemy / Mobile:
07808504092, 07801423265, 210550
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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2015 Volume:1 Issue:21 Pages (11-482)
2014 Volume:1 Issue:20 Pages (11-458)
2014 Volume:1 Issue:19 Pages (9-415)
2014 Volume:1 Issue:18 Pages (9-446)
2013 Volume:1 Issue:17 Pages (9-462)
2013 Volume:1 Issue:16 Pages (9-414)
2013 Volume:1 Issue:15 Pages (11-490)
2012 Volume:1 Issue:14 Pages (9-378)
2012 Volume:1 Issue:13 Pages (11-486)
2012 Volume:1 Issue:12 Pages (11-358)
2012 Volume:1 Issue:11 Pages (9-392)
2011 Volume:1 Issue:10 Pages (11-466)
2011 Volume:1 Issue:9 Pages (9-427)
2011 Volume:1 Issue:8 Pages (9-324)
2010 Volume:1 Issue:7 Pages (11-343)
2010 Volume:1 Issue:6 Pages (7-228)
2009 Volume:1 Issue:5 Pages (9-445)
2009 Volume:1 Issue:4 Pages (9-498)
2008 Volume:1 Issue:3 Pages (9-194)
2008 Volume:1 Issue:2 Pages (9-270)
2008 Volume:1 Issue:1 Pages (9-257)