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Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences

مجلة البصرة للعلوم الزراعية

ISSN: 18175868
Publisher: Basrah University
Faculty: Agriculture
Language: Arabic and English

This journal is Open Access


Scientific journal issued by the College of Agriculture, University of Basrah, which publishes the results of original research and articles published papers in both Arabic and English in the fields of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Marine Resources, Food Science, Horticulture and Landscaping, plant protection, Soil and Water Sciences, Field Crops, Agricultural Machinery, Biology.

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Phone Number:07801155940

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2013 Volume:26 Issue:1 Pages (1-69)
2012 Volume:25 Issue:2 Pages (1-151)
2012 Volume:25 Issue:1 Pages (1-172)
2011 Volume:24 Issue:2 Pages (1-259)
2011 Volume:24 Issue:1 Pages (1-416)
2010 Volume:23 Issue:1 Pages (1-290)
2009 Volume:22 Issue:2 Pages (1-235)
2008 Volume:21 Issue:2 Pages (1-258)
2008 Volume:21 Issue:0 Pages (1-538)
2007 Volume:20 Issue:2 Pages (1-243)
2007 Volume:20 Issue:1 Pages (1-336)
2006 Volume:19 Issue:2 Pages (1-301)
2006 Volume:19 Issue:1 Pages (2-213)
2005 Volume:18 Issue:2 Pages (1-170)