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Journal of the Faculty of Medicine

مجلة كلية الطب

ISSN: 00419419
Publisher: Baghdad University
Faculty: Medicine
Language: English

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The first issue of the Journal of the Medical College of ownership of Iraq in April of 1936, after it was approved by the College issued to disseminate news the college and its members with an article or more to one of the Masters employees to encourage them to search and tracking. Was not issued Mentza then quickly stopped during World War II due to the crisis of paper, and returned to the issuance in 1946 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hashim tendon where he urged college professors to participate in the dissemination of their research there. And remained the magazine's case is stable until 1959 when he took over the presidency to edit Prof. Dr. Faisal Al-Sabih emerged after his return from the United Kingdom, where he restructured radically and new and its name to Journal of the Faculty of Medicine and the development of its systems and conditions for articles that can be posted there. The first issue of the new series in June 1959, followed by the number of second in November of the same year. The magazine and continued in the breasts on a regular basis since then and to this day without interruption (four issues during the year) . The magazine has got the international number in 2000 and engaged in many important international indexes. The Journal is concerned with the clinical research and basic medical sciences are based publications for the purposes of scientific upgrade for teachers.
Have contributed to the magazine since its inception and to some extent now in Aelloukia published medical and scientific research for college professors pioneers who raised the matter of this magazine and Adamo and put her distinctive mark and became the role model for those who carry this magazine after them, torch and completed her pioneering.

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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2016 Volume:58 Issue:4 Pages (303-396)
2016 Volume:58 Issue:3 Pages (197-302)
2016 Volume:58 Issue:2 Pages (104-196)
2016 Volume:58 Issue:1 Pages (1-101)
2015 Volume:57 Issue:4 Pages (264-350)
2015 Volume:57 Issue:3 Pages (183-262)
2015 Volume:57 Issue:2 Pages (99-182)
2015 Volume:57 Issue:1 Pages (1-98)
2014 Volume:56 Issue:4 Pages (343-435)
2014 Volume:56 Issue:3 Pages (249-342)
2014 Volume:56 Issue:2 Pages (132-248)
2014 Volume:56 Issue:1 Pages (1-131)
2013 Volume:55 Issue:4 Pages (279-394)
2013 Volume:55 Issue:3 Pages (188-278)
2013 Volume:55 Issue:2 Pages (97-189)
2013 Volume:55 Issue:1 Pages (1-96)
2012 Volume:54 Issue:4 Pages (269-364)
2012 Volume:54 Issue:3 Pages (163-262)
2012 Volume:54 Issue:2 Pages (115-189)
2012 Volume:54 Issue:1 Pages (1-114)
2011 Volume:53 Issue:4 Pages (353-466)
2011 Volume:53 Issue:3 Pages (245-349)
2011 Volume:53 Issue:2 Pages (111-244)
2011 Volume:53 Issue:1 Pages (1-107)
2010 Volume:52 Issue:4 Pages (380-488)
2010 Volume:52 Issue:3 Pages (241-377)
2010 Volume:52 Issue:2 Pages (114-240)
2010 Volume:52 Issue:1 Pages (1-112)
2009 Volume:51 Issue:4 Pages (341-460)
2009 Volume:51 Issue:3 Pages (232-340)
2009 Volume:51 Issue:2 Pages (123-231)
2009 Volume:51 Issue:1 Pages (1-115)
2008 Volume:50 Issue:4 Pages (403-500)
2008 Volume:50 Issue:3 Pages (273-402)
2008 Volume:50 Issue:2 Pages (132-272)
2008 Volume:50 Issue:1 Pages (1-125)
2007 Volume:49 Issue:4 Pages (362-507)
2007 Volume:49 Issue:3 Pages (286-361)
2007 Volume:49 Issue:2 Pages (1-283)
2007 Volume:49 Issue:1 Pages (1-164)
2006 Volume:48 Issue:4 Pages (335-462)
2006 Volume:48 Issue:3 Pages (223-334)
2006 Volume:48 Issue:2 Pages (112-218)
2006 Volume:48 Issue:1 Pages (lll-111)
2005 Volume:47 Issue:4 Pages (lll-410)
2005 Volume:47 Issue:3 Pages (l-315)
2005 Volume:47 Issue:2 Pages (102-213)
2005 Volume:47 Issue:1 Pages (3-101)