Preservation of chemotherapy - affected thyroid gland by herbal products- iodine rich fraction


Abstart: -This study was designed to investigate the protective effect of flaxseed and fucus vesiculosus against toxic effect of Doxorubicin o thyroid gland of male rats. Used in this study (48) male Swiss Albino rats were equally divided into eight groups. Group1 (negative control), treated with normal saline (N.S) intraperitoneal (IP) injection, group 2 (positive control), treated with 15 mg/kg Doxorubicin as a single (i.p) injection, group3 (third control), received 1.8ml/kg of the flaxseed oil orally, once daily for 4 weeks,group4 (four control), orally tread with fucus vesiculosus (50)mg/kg day for 30 day, group5 (five control), received of the flaxseed oil and fucus vesiculosus together orally, group6 (first treament),treated with Dox and then received flaxseed oil, group7 (second treatment), treated with Dox and then received fucus vesiculosus, group8 (third treatment), treated with Dox and then received flaxseed oil and fucus vesiculosus, and after the end experiment period and we extracted the organs we want study (thyroid gland). Histological examination of thyroid gland sections for different treated groups showed considerable changes as compared with non-treated as a positive control group, Thyroid follicles became larger, containing dense colloidal, with the presence of many profollicular cells in treatment of first, second and third groups, structures of thyroid follicles and moderate colloid material within follicles. It may be concluding that flaxseed oil and fucus vesiculosus have a role in inhibition of the toxic effect of chemotherapy, doxorubicin.