The use of management principles to Fayol in the implementation of competitive strategies Porter


This paper aims to review the intellectual to the most important thought leaders administrative and strategic They both (Henry Fayol and Michelle Porter), who forward a lot of ideas that have helped countries in the advancement and progress their economies , has been drawing literature theoretical common border in Contributions ( Fayol ) philosophical and between applications ( Porter ), which reversed strategies of the three ( the leadership of the cost, differentiation, and focus ), so browse search how to apply and use the principles of Fayol in the implementation of strategies competitiveness of Porter, and stems from a problem ( ( to what extent a reflection of the principles ( Fayol) fourteen strategies (Porter ) competitive )) , study has reached a very significant effect between the principles of Fayol individually in the competitive strategies at the level of significance (0,01) . This contributes to achieving competitive advantage and strategic excellence and success through the adoption of Electrical Industries Company and the principles to be applied when selecting any of Porter's competitive strategies .