War Colonic Injuries-Management and Complication


This prospective study comprises (64) patients with preoperative diagnosis as colonic injuries.These cases where collected over a period of 3 years at Baghdad teaching hospital. In our study all caused by bullet and blast injuries.The Right colonic injuries where (32) cases, transverse colon (6) cases & left colon and rectum (26) cases. Intraoperative assessment and grading were done. (13) Cases was Grad I (40) cases Grad II &(11) Cases III.Out of (64) cacae (55) caces had associated abdominal organs injuries all assessed and reported in (55) cases. (40) Cases admitted with hypovolemic shock. Other (24) patients were maintaining normal Blood pressure. Treatment was either Diverting colostomy (DC) in (44) cases.And primary repair (PR) in (20) cases. Mortality rate was in (4) 6.25% patients all presented with irreversible shock. Morbidity was in (44)68% cases. (10) Cases developed complication like (fistula, Intraperitoneal sepsis….etc) and (18) cases developed (mild wound infection).