Sperm Chromatin Maturity Assay by Aniline Blue Dye and It’s Correlation with The Result of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection


Immature chromatin condensation is a type of DNA damage in human spermatozoa may adversely affect reproductive outcomes.To assess sperm chromatin maturity in infertile men and to evaluate the relationship between sperm chromatin status and ICSI outcome.Fifty six infertile couple attending the clinics of fertility center in Al-sader teaching hospital were included in this study .Male partner were classified according to their spermiogram ,their semen sample tested by AB for chromatin maturity .The percentage of positive AB stain is significantly higher in patients with abnormal spermiogram than normozoospermic group.No significant difference in ICSI outcomes between patients with high proportion of abnormal chromatin and apposite group.Male with abnormal spermiogram show high percent of sperm chromatin immaturity which have no significant influence on the result of ICSI procedure.