Design and Implementation of Adaptive Antenna System in Physical Layer CDMA Transceivers Based Multiwavelet Signals


In this paper, we optimization of the Code division multiple access (CDMA) transceiver by using Adaptive Antenna System (AAS) at the receiver it has been shown that receivers based on successive AAS provide an effective reduction of multiuser access interference at an affordable complexity. The aim of this work is to minimize the bit error rate. An AAS has been deployed at the receiver module to reduce the fading effects signal caused by proposed SUI channels model. AAS uses beamforming technique to focus the wireless beam between the base station and the subscriber station. The Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm is used at the receiver to direct the main beam towards the desired LOS signal and nulls to the multipath signals. It has been proved through this idea by MATLAB simulations that the performance of the system significantly improves by AAS, where beamforming is implemented in the direction of desired user. The performance of the system can more improve by increasing the number of antennas at receiver.


OFDM, DMWT, CDMA, LMS, Beamforming