The Effect of Proteus vulgaris Sonicate fimbriae antigens in some blood parameters and humoral immune response


group immunized by subcutaneously 100µg/animal and the 2nd by 200µg/animal of Proteus vulgaris sonicate fimbriae antigens TWBCs. Humoral immune response effects were estimated on some blood parameters (Total and differential white blood cells) and.The results were showed a decrease in the TWBCs in the first group compared with second group; Also a significant increase (P ≤0.01and P≤0.05 ) was recorded in the lymphocytes and monocytes ,while a significant decrease(P ≤0.01) was found in the neutrophils ,but no significant alteration (P≥ 0.05) was recorded in eosinophils and basophiles ;Humoral immune response was showed a synchronized increased effect with increase the dose and time of the immunization .A high titer was found after 6 weeks compared with the 2nd and 4th weeks of immunization . It was concluded that the TWBCs and Humeral immune response were synchronized with the dose and time of immunization by P. vulgaris sonicate fimbriae antigens.