Assessment of serum levels of MMP-8 and hs CRP in chronic periodontitis patients in relation to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease


Background: Periodontitis and Atherosclerosis Cardiovascular disease are chronic inflammatory diseases which arehighly prevalent. During the last two decades, there has been an increasing interest in the impact of oral health onatherosclerosis and subsequent cardiovascular disease. The aims of the study were to evaluate the periodontalhealth status in study groups (Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease patients with chronic periodontitis and patientshaving chronic periodontitis),to estimate the serum levels of Matrixmetalloproteinase-8(MMP-8) and high sensitive Creactiveprotein(hs CRP) in study and control groups and compare between them. Also,test the correlationbetween the serum levels of MMP-8 and hs CRP with clinical periodontal parameters at each study groupSubjects, materials and methods: Eighty subjects, males and females were included in this study with age range (35-50) years old, they were divided into study groups [ATH+CP group: Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease& chronicperiodontitis group (30 patients), CP group: chronic periodontitis group (30 patients)] andcontrol group: (20systemically healthy subjects, have healthy periodontium). Periodontal health status was determined by measuringthe following clinical periodontal parameters (Plaque index (PL.I), Gingival index (GI), Bleeding on probing (BOP),Probing pocket depth (PPD) and Clinical attachment level (CAL)).Serum levelsof (MMP-8and hs CRP) weredetermined by mean of ELISA.Results: The results showed that the mean values of clinical periodontalparameters (PL.I, GI, PPD and CAL), werehigher in the ATH+CP group than in the CP group with significant differences except in PL.I there was no significantdifference. A higher percentage of score 1of BOP sites demonstrated by CP groupthan in ATH+CP group with highlysignificant difference.The levels of serum (MMP-8 and hs CRP) were higher in ATH+CP groupwhen compared with CPgroup and control group, with highly significant differences between all pairs of study and control groups.Regardingthe Correlation between serum levels of (MMP-8 and hs CRP) and clinical periodontal parameters, were positivecorrelation in both study groups.Conclusion: The present results my provide evidence that Chronic Periodontitis may contribute to the inflammationassociatedto atherosclerotic process