Non-Linear Analysis of Beams on Elastic Foundationby Finite Element Method


This study is concerned with the behavior of beams on elastic foundation using finite element methods. The nonlinear behavior for reinforced concrete was taken into account addition to the nonlinear contact behavior of elastic foundation. As known, the elastic foundation cannot carry the tensile contact pressure, this pressure will be ignored when it occurs and then substituting zero value for the spring constant. It was found that the nonlinear behavior of materials would have low effect on deflection when compared with linear behavior. In contrast, the nonlinear contact behavior of elastic foundation would give deflection values greater than the linear behavior.
A computer program (written by the researcher) is used for this purpose, where the
cross-section properties can be changed such as different thicknesses and reliable results
are obtained. Moreover, in the case of exiting tensile contact pressure between the surfaces
and using the linear material behavior, the deflection with load will be nonlinear.