Antibacterial Activity of the Extracts of Chicken Gizzard Membrane Against Some Pathogenic Bacteria Isolated from Urinary Tract Infections


This study aims to develop a natural antibacterial material with broad spectrum activity against bacteria implicated in stones formation and urinary tract infection. Instead of the use of excessive and non-safe antibiotics and to block the prevalence of multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacterial isolates, which have increased in the last few years.The aqueous extract of the chicken gizzard membrane was prepared with three different methods and used invitro against some pathogenic bacteria isolated from patient suffering from UTI and urinary stones. The activity of chicken gizzard membrane was determent according to the presence or absence of bacterial growth in cultured plates treated with the aqueous extract.The present study found that using a cold aqueous extract of the chicken gizzard membrane prepared freshly and used directly without any treatment had remarkable effectiveness compared with other extract, which heat treated and used after one hour or 24 hours of extraction.We have tested a natural material, which may represent a good candidate for development as an antimicrobial for the most common UTI causative agents in the presence of urinary stones, such as: E.coli, Proteus mirabilis and Staphylococcus aureus. UT infection associated with the urinary stones remains a major problem, because of the need for treatment with medical drugs (antibiotics) for a long time as well as the possibility of back infection again. The natural antimicrobial material such as the chicken gizzard membrane is an excellent candidate solution to this problem