Iraqi EFL Learners' Manipulation of the Speech Act of Refusal


This study is concerned with revealing some aspects of Iraqi EFL learners' manipulation of the speech act of refusal. The study falls into four sections. Section one introduces the problem, aims, hypotheses, procedures, limits and the value of the study. Section two is devoted to the theoretical framework of refusal speech act. Section three is about collecting and analyzing data and section four is concerned with the conclusions of this study. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher conducted a test in which 100 IraqiEFLCollege students at the fourth year Department of English, College of Education, University of Babylon were asked to respond to the test of the study. Their performance is compared to the performance of a control group (10 NESs). Concerning the second objective of the study which is to find out if there is any evidence of pragmatic transfer, the test has been translated into Arabic and (10) native speakers of Arabic are involved in the test to compare their responses with those of Iraqi learners.