A Study to Determine the Commonest Type of Renal Stone inIraqi Patients Admitted to Al_ Hussein General Hospital in Kerbala


background: Kidney stones (calculi) are known to be one of the most painful medicalconditions. The causes of kidney stones vary according to the type of stone.Aim: This study was employed to determine the incidence of kidney stones type in a group of patient in Kerbala from 2010 to 2012 in which 121patients were enrolled.Patient and method: eighty six males and thirty five females were evaluated to determine the type of kidney stone that they had. The age average was between 30 and 50 years .Results and discussion: It was found that uric acid stones has the highest rate of incidence (52.9%) in both sexes (70.31 % in males and 29.69 % in females). The second rank (27.8%) was occupied by calcium oxalate stones (69.7 % in males and 30.3% in females), the magnesium phosphate stone constitute about 11.5% of all the stones that were collected (64.3 % in males and 35.7 % in females) and cysteine stone constitute 4% (60% in males and 40% in females) was followed. In this study it was observed that xanthine and mixed stones were found in males only in small ratio (2.5% and 1.65% respectively).Conclusion: it is clear that the most common type of renal stone affecting people in Kerbala was uric acid stone which may be due to dietary habit.