Representative wisdoms in (Al Ma’aoon) Surat


Between time and time, some searches and studies were sent to us that talk about the wisdoms and purposes in Quran interpretation, and maybe these wisdoms were linguistic or representative or spiritual, and this study showed some interpretative wisdom in one of the shortest Sura of the Holly Quran which talks about the religion liars conditions and about those whom not allow the charity for orphans and the most great of that, about those whom are inattentive of prayers , the representative wisdom concealed that the searcher showed the meanings that coincide on such adjectives and between the human conditions ,those whom attribute with such attributes (Lie, hypocrisy, adulation) and how these attributes effect on human and society , the searcher showed that Allah forbidden such attributes in more than one place in the Holly Quran ,also the Holly Prophet (PBUH) warned of such attributes and agitated to avoid them and call for the cooperative and the righteous among people to take over the mercy and the sympathy , and all come from the understanding of the Holly Quran expression meanings in right way .