Spectral Study of Silver Nanoparticles Prepared by Chemical Method


Silver nanoparticles were prepared by the reduction of silver salt (silver nitrate AgNO3) solution using three different methods. The main differences between these methods is by belong to the reducing agent. It is found that the prepared silver nanoparticle was pure and stable for long time. UV-VIS spectrometry indicated formation of spherical silver nano particles. The surface plasmon resonance peaks in absorption spectra for silver colloidal solution showed that the absorption maximum range was at 380- 420 nm. The structures are confirmed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and the crystallite size was determined from X-ray line broadening using the Scherrer's equation and it was about 32 nm.AFM measurements show that silver nano particles have the average diameter of 69.39 nm and 81.91 nm.