Wireless Sensor Network for Medical Applications


This work presents a healthcare monitoring system that can be used in an intensive care room. Biologicalinformation represented by ECG signals is achieved by ECG acquisition part . AD620 Instrumentation Amplifierselected due to its low current noise. The ECG signals of patients in the intensive care room are measured throughwireless nodes. A base node is connected to the nursing room computer via a USB port , and is programmed with aspecific firmware. The ECG signals are transferred wirelessly to the base node using nRF24L01+ wireless module.So, the nurse staff has a real time information for each patient available in the intensive care room. A starWireless Sensor Network is designed for collecting ECG signals . ATmega328 MCU in the Arduino Uno boardused for this purpose. Internet for things used For transferring ECG signals to the remote doctor, a Virtual PrivetNetwork is established to connect the nursing room computer and the doctor computer . So, the patientsinformation kept secure. Although the constructed network is tested for ECG monitoring, but it can be used tomonitor any other signals.