A Comparative Study of Psychological Security among the Preparatory Fourth Grade Countryside and City Schoolgirls


In the first chapter, the two researchers tackle the concept” psychological security”, and its significance in different situations of life as well as its significance to the schoolgirls and the players.Additionally , the researchers shed light on the effect of the psychological security on the city schoolgirls as well as the countryside ones. The problem of the research is to know the psychological side effectson the students .The aim of the research also is to study the psychological security among the preparatory fourth grade schoolgirls in the city as well as in the countryside and to know the individual differences of the psychological security among those schoolgirls.The second chapter devotes its discussions to the study of the concept “psychological security” and its importance, features, dimensions and the most important theories that dealt with it . Then,the third chapter dealt with psychological security methodology and the field procedure used is the descriptive approach in the survey manner .Also, the comparative manner is used with all its programs, tools as well as the ways of collecting information ,exploratory experience , the tests used , the bases of the measurement and the statistical devices required in processing the data. Furthermore ,the fourth chapter exposed the results the researchers reached at as well as the discussion of these results showing the statistical differences among the two groups in tables then these tables are analyzed .Fifthly , the conclusions are drawn and the recommendations are given . One of the conclusions the researchers have found out is :there is a high rate of psychological security feeling by the city schoolgirls comparing with the other group ,also getting used of the exceptional circumstances caused a threat to the psychological security which reduces the danger feeling.