The Legal Liability for the Non-Living Things Resulting from Supposed Error -Environmental Producer Liability as a Sample- ( Comparative study)


As a result of technological development and widespread using of the machine in everyday life, which led to an increase in the reasons for the occurrence of damage and gravity, the French judiciary released the defect in the liability of negligence for the protection of injured because it is often difficult for them to prove the element of negligence for that the judiciary invented the liability non - living things and error based on a supposed proof . Thus, the producer is responsible for gases or smoke from industrial installations. On the other hand, the French judiciary and the Egyptian developed a theory which called theory of segmentation guard , by dividing the guard on guard replaced thing to guard the composition be responsible product that thing and use guard be responsible user of that thing. Accordingly, this paper will be divided into two main points: the first is a statement of the rules of this responsibility, namely the responsibility for the non - living things, while looking at the second point theory of segmentation guard.