Effect of Enterobacter cloacae enterotoxins on in vivo lymphocyte activity


This study was aimed to investigate the role of Enterobacter cloacae and their enterotoxins (crude and partially purified toxin) on total and difrential count of WBC and phagocytic activity by Nitrobluetetrazolium (NBT) reduction test and formazan production in both systemic and mucosa of digestive system. The result showed that, the three antigens (heat killed bacterial cell, crude enterotoxin and partially purified heat stable enterotoxin(PPHSE))injected in experimental animals(rabbit) there is a significant increasing level in WBC total count (11.2×103 cell/ml) in injected rabbit with crude enterotoxin, while there is significant increase in the level of lymphocyte (differential count) (95.6%) in rabbit injected with PPHSE. In cellular immune response NBT test was used for neutrophil phagocyte assessment. The result of systemic cellular immune response showed high level of phagocytic activity for crude enterotoxin antigen with mean value (44.4). While for mucosal phagocytic activity in( duodenum and appendix), the crude enterotoxin showed high level phagocytic activity with mean value (57.4) and(48.6) respectively compared with control treatment.