Dr.Quday Salim Alwan and His Critical Efforts(The Criticism Movement on the Poetry of Abu Nawas)


Dr. Qusay Salem Alwan is a brilliant academician and one of the founders of the Department of Arabic. Criticism was an attribute of his wide knowledge and sublime taste. He is one of the leading personnel who first clarified the parameters and pedagogies of teaching criticism and rhetoric at the University of Basra. He is also one of the characters that have left a positive impact on his colleagues and students. This is the first reasons that lead me to shed light on his critical accomplishments in general and his book (Criticism movement around the poetry of Abu Nawas in the critical and rhetorical Heritage) in particular. I stood long examining this book, looking at its scientific procedure, and the most important criticism related issues that the book discussed and analyzed such as knowing the mechanisms of criticism in studying; plagiarisms, imagery, the building of the poem and language, rhetoric, poetry and ethics, exaggeration and hyperbole. In conclusion, we realized that Dr. Qusay wasn't quoting others' opinions without discussing or criticizing them. That's why he was distinguished of his own discreet visions of criticism which seem to be more convincing than the visions of others.