Effectiveness of an Educational Program on Nurses’ Knowledge Concerning Side Effect of Radiotherapy at Al-Amal National Hospital for Cancer Management in Baghdad City


Objectives: The main aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational program on nurses’ knowledge concerning side effect of radiotherapyMethodology: Quiz experimental study was carried out at Al Amal National Hospital for Cancer Management from 4th, November 2013 to 29th August, 2014. The program and instruments were constructed by the researcher for the purpose of the study. Purposive random sample comprised of (60) nurses was divided into two groups, study group consisted of (30) nurses exposed to the nursing educational program and control group consisted of (30) nurses were not exposed to the program. The measurement of effectiveness of nursing educational program through the nurse s’ knowledge questionnaire includes (30) items concerning side effect of radiotherapy. Reliability of instrument was determined and the instrument validity was determined through a panel of experts. The analysis of the data was used descriptive statistics (frequencies, percentages, the arithmetic mean and standard deviations relative sufficiently,) and statistical inferential (T Test, Fisher Test, Chi Square) In order to find the differences between the experimental group and the control group.Results: The study findings indicated that, there were highly significant differences between study and control groups and also between pre and posttests in case group in overall main domains related to nurse s’ knowledge concerning side effect of radiotherapy of cancer patients treatment.Conclusion: The study concluded that the effectiveness of educational program regarding nurse s’ knowledge concerning side effect of radiotherapy is a positive.Recommendation: Intensive studies to provide nursing intervention for cancer patients under radiotherapy and an education program should be conducted of nurse's practice toward side effect of radiotherapy.