Study the capability of Eclipta alba plant to remove of lead from the polluted water by phytoremediation technique


One of the major environmental problems is the pollution of water and soils by toxic heavy metals.The aim of current study was estimatation the ability of Eclipta alba plant for the removal of (Pb) from the polluted water by phytoremedation technique and study the effect of a number of parameters(Pb concentration, contact time and pHvalues). The plant showed higher removal efficiency (99.2%) after 7 days of treatment at 50ppm.The best removal efficiency of Pb 98.95% at 100ppm was occurred at pH7. The root ability to accumulate Pb was more than the shoot ability, after 7 days treatment of water and pH=7, they were 2852.5 mg/kg, 2497.5 mg/kg and 502.5 mg/kg in roots, stems and leaves respectively. These results showed that Eclipta alba can be used in biological treatment of polluted water.