Joint Source-Channel Coding for Wireless Image Transmission based OFDM-IDMA Systems


The source and channel coding for wireless data transmission can reduce distortion, complexity and delay in multimedia services. In this paper, a joint source-channel coding is proposed for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing - interleave division multiple access (OFDM-IDMA) systems to transmit the compressed images over noisy channels. OFDM-IDMA combines advantages of both OFDM and IDMA, where OFDM removes inter symbol interference (ISI) problems and IDMA removes multiple access interference (MAI). Convolutional coding is used as a channel coding, while the hybrid compression method is used as a source coding scheme. The hybrid compression scheme is based on wavelet transform, bit plane slicing, polynomial approximation model and absolute moment block truncation. The wavelet transform is exploited to decompose the image into approximation and detail sub bands, while the polynomial model is used to code the approximation image band. Simulation results show that the proposed system reduces distortion efficiently (i.e., preserving image quality) and achieves a simple method for image multiuser transmission over wireless channels.