Epidemiological Study of Vitiligo Disease at Missan Province


The aim of our study concerns with epidemiological sides of vitiligo at Missan province .so, the results observed high percent of the patients were under 20 years 38(31.86%). The males constituted 73(60.83%) patients and the females 47(39.16%) of the total number of the patients .Family history were represented in (62.5) of all patients . Most of the patients were unmarred 60(50 %). The face and neck were observed the most common site of onset the vitiligo followed by upper and lower limbs. The commonest clinical pattern observed was vulgaris which represented by 8(31.6%).The patients with dark or brown skin color were represented 87(72.5% ), while the patients with white skin color were 33(27.5%) of all patients .Upon this, our conclusions shows that a higher incidence of vitiligo was confirmed in male , the common sites of initial lesions were the face and neck ,the most common type of vetiligo was generalized(vulgaris) , the browner or dark skin color type may that be consider a risk factor for developing thevitiligo