Evaluation of Some Parameters For Workers in Gas Filling Company - Branch Middle Euphrates / Hilla Gas Factory Via Oxidant-Antioxidant System


This study included determination of Malondialehyde, Peroxynitrite, vitamin C and vitamin E ,for workers in gas filling company - Branch Middle Euphrates / Hilla Gas factory to investigate the effect of LPG and additive that use to give special properties (smell) thiophene .The workers divided into two groups, the first group (workers of empatting ), the second group (workers of equipment) . The workers divided into three groups based upon the period working at a factory (three months–one year , 2–6 , 7–13 ) years.The results of this research explain increasing levels of MDA and peroxynitrite while decreasing of vit C and vit E . All this results are indictor for influence of LPG on the workers healthy.