Design, Simulation and Analysis of New Optical Beamforming Matrix


Beamforming (beam-steering) is an advanced technique of the Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA). In the beam-steering network, an array of antennas elements are spatially filters incoming signals based on their arrive time at each element.This paper presents a new design of true time delay beamforming technique based on using Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) and controlled photonic circulator in a new scheme. The simulation applies a True Time-delay beamformer to an 8-elements linear phased array antenna to obtain 16 deferent beams.A single-beam optical beamforming system was proposed and analysed. Optical beamforming network has been considered for 16GHz (Ku band). The system was studied and their results were presented at two different levels: the first is the system architecture and the second is the optical control devices for controlling the beamforming networks. The mathematical simulation used to clarify the operation of the proposed systems. A MATLAB programs on the proposed signal model based on the proposed scheme are applied to get the results. Some results are presented to validate the performance of the proposed schemes. The results show efficient utilization of the new beamformer for real-time operation