Evaluation of the Nursing Intervention for Patients with Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy in AL_Amal National Hospital for Cancer Management and Baghdad Teaching Hospital


Objective : The study aims to evaluate the nursing intervention provided to patients undergoing chemotherapy, and determine the relationship between nursing intervention and the demographic characteristics of the nurses that include (age , gender , level of education, years of experience in nursing , years of experience in chemotherapy units , sharing in training sessions concerned to chemotherapy , number of training sessions )Methodology: Descriptive study carried out during the period from (January 2013 until August 2014) to evaluate the nursing intervention provided to patients undergoing chemotherapy pre and post nursing care , The study has been conducted on nurses who were working in chemotherapy units in AL _ Amal National Hospital for Cancer Management, Oncology Teaching Hospital , and Baghdad Teaching Hospital . Included research sample (70) of the nurses who were working in units of chemotherapy . Where the data was collected after it was built form questionnaire by the researcher related to the purposes of the study and is composed of two main parts. The first part concerned with determination of the demographic characteristics of the nurse's who have participated in the study through special sheet which include (7) items . The second part consists of evaluating nursing interventions for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy include (12) items. The validity of the questionnaire was examined through (17) experts in the different fields (who have had more than 5 years of experience in the job field). The stability by calculating the Pearson correlation coefficient, which was worth acceptable statistically ( r=0.85 ) and data was collected through observation, after it has been analyzed data from through the application of descriptive analysis (frequency, percentage) as well as Inferential data analysis ( Means of scores and Pearson correlation coefficient ) . using the statistical bag of Social Sciences, version nineteenth. Result: The study showed that the majority of the sample of the age group between (40–49) years old, Most of the study sample were Female, Most of them graduates from Secondary nursing school, they have Years of experience in nursing ( 1 – 5 ) Year, Years of experience in units of chemotherapy ( 1 – 5 ) year, Experience gained in the chemotherapy by Working with patients undergoing chemotherapy, and the Most of the sample did not take any training session .Conclusion : The study concluded that there is a strong indication in the area of the creation of chemotherapy and nursing intervention provided by the nursing staff in those units.Recommendation :The study Recommended to organize Special training courses to all nurses working in units of chemotherapy, which include programs for special courses for nursing interventions in these units and designing and distributing a booklet to all nurses who work in chemotherapy units, also increasing the number of professional nurses graduates from colleges of nursing in chemotherapy units.