Training effect strength of the muscles of the legs to i mprove some variables starting youth long jump


AbstractCrystallized the problem in that he did not notice one of researchers or trainers to the importance of strength training for men without the involvement of body mass (absolute power) or the involvement of body mass (comparative) particularly when you apply strength training with performance, and what the role of max power for the two muscles in the whole body weight during the performance of any skill requiring payment and aviation as a skill of long jump, so I returned the researcher matter scientific problem wanted to search and to contribute to the importance of understanding Relative and absolute power and how their training and their role in the accomplishment. And to identify the impact of muscular strength exercises absolute and relative to the muscles of the legs starting variables in the long jump for Youth Club BaniSaad. As well as the influence of muscle strength relative to men in long jump achievement level. Either hypothesis, there were statistical differences in starting a sample search variables between tests of fingerprinting research groups, as well as differences between the tests in fingerprinting accomplishment for my research.Selected (4) young long jump Club BaniSaad of sports training programme for absolute and relative strength of the two men has been testing fingerprinting starting variables (angle and speed cruising and speed the last step & impulse angel) and the completion of the two men showed improved level of these variables to the experimental group and the completion of the long jump


youth long jump