Study of the implications of social and economic relations prevailing at the elite clubs coaches for open courts football for the 2011-2012 sports season in Iraq


Part I: included definition search terms in which he addressed researchers to the importance of sport as one of the manifestations of civilization and one standard upon which to build nations, and went on researchers in the forefront of the social nature of man and how to spend most of his time between the group and individuals, whether in public life or in the sports field, then eat the nature of Iraqi society and embodied the suffering due to the variables and circumstances he faced and led to a number of internal and external conflicts, which reflected its findings on Iraqi society in general and community football in particular tried to researcher to highlight the importance and the impact of these social phenomena (occupation, war, violence, terrorism) on sports community, represented by trainers football who practiced training game for the period 2003 - 2011 and thus put the real problem for research in the theoretical study researchers have found that these social phenomena not highlighted as part of scientific studies research minutes trying to enhance their impact on the social implications of the athletes is Masay him researcher . The objectives of the research outlined by the researchers as follows: - Understand the implications of social and economic relations prevailing at the elite clubs coaches football in Iraq for playgrounds open for the duration of the (2003-2011). Areas of research: a sample of the trainers of the elite golf clubs open football in Iraq totaling (16) trained practitioners of sports training during the period (2003-2011). Part V: included on the conclusions and recommendations, the researcher concluded a number of points based on the logical and statistical analysis, including: 1 - make sure of pivotal importance and their role in highlighting the social implications of trainers which have a direct link with the social repercussions for trainers. 2 - The study found an important fact is that the U.S. war on Iraq and the resulting occupation of Iraq for the period 2003-2011 have had dire consequences and negative reality sports in general and actually spherical especially more than they are positive.