(Analysis of the relationship between the values of some skill variables Albyukinmetekih for correction of jumping forward Handball reel)


The objective of this research is: -1-to identify the correlation between the values some variables Albyukinmetekih for the correction of jumping skill Forwardhandball.The imposition of research is: -Conclusions1-and an inverse correlation between the speed of the body and starting angle of the shoulder joint.2- There is a direct correlation between the correlation of each of the speed of the body and starting a starting speed of the ball.3- The presence of correlation between the launch angle of the ball and speed ball startingrecommendations1-emphasis on speed off the outcome of appropriate because of the speed of a positive impact on the speed of the ball and the angle of the starting starting the ball.2-emphasis on the full tide of the elbow joint angle because of its effect on the starting speed of the ball.3- The need to put the quantitative information in the handballs of our players and trainers in order to benefit from the application of correction of jumping Forwardhandball..