Propose an Image Watermarking Algorithm Stand against JPEG Compression based on Space Transformation and Image Features


In this proposal, a new algorithm is introduced to watermarked digitalimages (with format BMP). After trying number of features to decide whichblocks of image are the best hosts, two features DC (Direct Current)Coefficient(resulting for Discrete Cosine Transform(DCT)) and the Entropy(H) are chosen, since these features are specifying embedding locationsthat cause a minimal degradation to the cover image and determining theblocks that can keep the embedded value stand against compression.This algorithm produces a watermarked image that can be subjected tolossy JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) compression withoutlosing its watermark. Fidelity Criteria evaluates the errors between theoriginal and cover images, good tests are achieved without perceptualdegradation for the transparency of the cover image.