Effect of Shearing and Vit.E Administration in Reducing Heat Stress Impact and Body Weights , Weight Gain and Feed Consumption of Awassi Male Lambs in Central Iraq


This study was conducted at Animal Fields, Animal Resources Department, College of Agriculture, Tikrit University for the period from 16th June 2012 up to 8th May 2013, to the effect of shearing and Vit. E determine to reduce mperature and to study their effect on the productive traits of Awassi lambs in the middle of Iraq. In this experiment , thirty six Awassi male lambs at the age of three months and average body weight was 22.0 kg. these animals were divided into two groups ( 18 each ), the animals in the first group were sheared, while those in the second group were kept without sheared , however, the animals in each group were randomly divided into three sub-groups according to the Vit. E administration level, each sub-group contain 6 animals. All animals were fed on the basic diet fed animals of the Animal Resource Fields with a rate of 2.5% B.W., in addition roughages were continuously offered along the experimental period. The aims of this experiment are to know the effect of shearing and Vit. E administration for reducing the stress and its effect on body weight, weight gains and feed consumption Factorial design ( 2×3 ) of complete randomized design was used to study the effect of both factors on the studied traits. Duncan's ( 1955 ) multiple range test was used to detect the differences among different groups and sub-group mean using SAS ( 2004 ) program. The results revealed the followings:•Shearing and Vit. E administration caused an improved in the performance of lambs ( body weight, daily and total gain ) particularly in those of using Vit. E ( 400 ) group, in spite of the positive effect of shearing and Vit. E administration for reducing the effect of stress on improving lamb performance and best level of Vit. E was 400 mg.•Shearing had an effect on feed consumption due to an increase in feed consumed during summer months compared with winter months, this indicate that the effect of shearing on reducing the effect of stress during summer and stimulated the animals to consume more feed staff.