Extraction Of Collagen From Fish Orientai Sole Brachirus orientalis Skin And Studying Of Some Chemical Charactristics And Amino Acid Composition


This study includes the extraction of acid soluble collagen (Acetic acid 0.5 M) from fish Oriental sole skin . After the removal of fat and non-collagenous proteins and dialyzed against distilled water, some the chemical properties were studied, that includes chemical composition and the percentage of yield were 12.15 % on the basis of wet weight. According to the electrophoretic patterns, the collagen consisted of two different chains (α1 and α 2), were characterized to be type I, β chain components as well as the observed was larger molecular weight , When estimating amino acid collagen observed that there is variation in the percentage of amino acid major such as glycine , proline , hydroxyproline and hydroxy lysine, When measuring the absorption spectrum of ultraviolet (UV) there was a single peak absorption at 232 nm for collagen fish skin, FTIR showed regions of amides A, B, I, II and III were 3408.57, 2934.89, 1651.73, 1540.85 and 1243.38 cm-1 respectively.