Histomorphological and morphometrical comparative study of the kidney between Quail (Conturnix coturni) and Green-winged Teal (Anas crecca) according to their environment type


The present work was designed to investigate the morphometrical and histological differences in kidneys of two species (Quail and Green-winged Teal) belong to different orders varied in their environments. The study was performed on ten healthy male (five birds for each species). After the kidneys were removed the samples were taken. Three stains were used (H&E, PAS, and Van-Gieson). The result revealed that the kidneys in both birds were coated by a thin capsule. The thickness of capsule was higher significant in Green-winged Teal than in Quail. There was no clear delineation of cortical and medullary regions as there was in the mammalian kidney. The result showed the high significant of number of glomerulus in Green-winged Teal than in Quail, also the height of epithelial cells and of proximal convoluted tubules diameters were high significantly in Green-winged Teal. The height of epithelium cells and distal convoluted tubules diameters were significantly high in Green-winged Teal than in Quail. The study was examined and compared the morphometric and histomorphologic of the kidney in the two species according to their environment which live in it.