Finite Strain Estimation in Baba Dome Using Fry Method (NE Iraq)


Literatures survey indicates that no such study carried out concerning strain measurement and analysis in the concerned area. The well-known field and laboratory work carried out. An accurate ellipse was determined for each ab, bc and ac planes for each formation exposed in Baba dome using Matlab program with a relatively new toolbox (Polylx). Then for each sample the mentioned ellipses was mathematically compiled to generate strain ellipsoid with long, intermediate and short axes with their orientations using Mathcad software. Then the long and short axes of strain ellipsoids projected on ab plane and delineated. Because Baba dome took the present form during last phase of Alpine Orogeny (Miocene -Pliocene) with contemporaneous deposition of Mio- Pliocene formations, the present study deduced that the strain is directly proportional to the stress i.e. elastic deformation. Therefore, the orientation of short axes of strain ellipsoids should coincide with orientation of maximum stress axes giving rise the orientation of maximum stress direction in sampled station.