Prevalence of Entameba histolyticaandEntameba dispar among the immune suppressed patients (cancer patients ) after receiving chemotherapy treatment in Azadi Teaching Hospital


Amebiasis caused by Entamoeba histolytica is a third leading causes of death in worldwide. Little is known about its occurrence of parasite in subjects with cancer patients after receiving chemotherapy.This study aimed to determine, the frequency of E.histolytica in cancer patient admitted to oncology department in Kirkuk Teaching Hospital . Fresh stool specimens collected from93 patients, their age group rangedfrom 1-90years during Febrauary -2013to Feb 2014. E. histolytica /E.disparwere determined in 10/93 (10.7%) by microscopic examination while 33/93 (35.5%) detected by the E. histolytica / E. dispar olyclonal ElLISAtests. E. histolytica/ E. dispar infection were higher in patients with hematogenous cancer (64.4%) as compare with solid tumor (30.8%) .