Investigation of Linear Polarization for a Specimen Insulator of Scanning Electron Microscope in Sense of Mirror Efectronic Phenomenon


An analytical procedure has been carried out to measure the charge that may be trapped inan insulator sample of scanning electron microscope. It mainly concerns the determination ofthe deduced polarization charges by means of mirror effect phenomenon. Several relationsrelated to such issue have been modified so as to be applicable for regarding charges due topolarization in linear and isotropic material. Consequently, the potential arises as a result forboth trapped free and polarization charges which is set up. Actually the well-knownmagnification factor method is adopted to be a case study to implement the introducedapproach. Results have clearly showed that the polarization charge significantly influences theCoulomb’s force that incoming electrons suffer from. Furthermore, the variation in the samplepotential mainly depends on the dielectric constant of the specimen material.