Solvent -Free One -Pot Multicomponent, Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-bacterial activity, of some 2-substituted-3-cyano-Pyridine Derivatives


Solvent- free thermal heating, one-pot condensation of acetophenone, ethyl cyanoacetate or malononitrle and substituted Aromatic aldehyde, ammonium acetate give, 2-oxo-3-cyano-4-substituted Aryl-6-phenyl pyridine ]I[a-h , or 2-amino-3-cyano-4-substituted Aryl-6-phenyl pyridine derivatives]II[a-f , respectively. Treatment of compounds 2-oxo-3-cyano-4-substituted Aryl-6-phenyl pyridine with phosphorous penta sulphide (P2S5), give 2-thioxo-3-cyano-4-substituted Aryl-6-phenyl pyridine derivatives]III[a-c . All prepared compounds are characterized by, C.H.N.S-elmental analysis, melting points, FTIR-and1H-NMR-spectral analysis . Antibacterial examination of synthesized compounds [I]a-c , [II]a-c and [III]a-c against five types of, (G-) and (G+) bacterial . in comparison with common antibiotic like Ampicillin, Amoxicilin and Lincomycin the result shows 2-thioxo-3-cyano-4-substituted Aryl-6-phenyl pyridine derivatives are more reactive than 2-oxo-3-cyano pyridine derivatives or 2-amino-3-cyano pyridine derivatives .