Histological and Physiological Study of Kidney in Adult Male Albino Mice Mus musculus


The present study aimed to investigate the morphological description and histological structure of kidney in adult albino mice (Mus musculus), The anatomical study revealed that the kidney in albino mice is represented by bean-like shape, smooth with red to brown color, It is situated within the anterior half of abdominal cavity under the diaphragm on both sides of vertebral column. The kidney is covered by capsule of loose connective tissue with mean thickness of (9.6±0.5) micrometer.Histological examination revealed that albino mice kidney tissue differentiated into cortex and medulla, the cortex contains glomeruli with mean diameter of (50.5±1.9) micrometer densely distributed at the peripheral area of the cortex , the cortex also contained sections of proximal and distal convoluted tubules with mean diameters of (28.2±1.1) and (25.6±0.6) micrometer respectively, on the other hand the medulla contains sections of thick and thin segments of Henle’s loop in addition to the sections of collecting tubules which forms the medullary rays. The nephron represented the principle structural unit of kidney which consists of renal corpuscle (Glomerulus encapsulated by Bowman’s capsule ) connected with proximal convoluted tubule which leads to Henle’s loop, Henle’s loop is represented by thin and thick segment, the later leads to its posterior part to distal convoluted tubule (DCT) which is attached with the collecting tubules. The results of physiological study showed that the total average of urea concentration in blood serum was (32.50±0.65) mg/dl, whereas the total average of creatinine concentration was of (0.777±0.04)mg/dl, while the potassium ion correlated values in albino mice blood serum have reached (4.67±0.08) mg/dl.