Agreement and disagreement fields between coordinators and representative


1. Both the coordinators and representative are useful for clarify, show and misconception 2. The research consisted the agreement and disagreement between them, the agreement was in eleven places. so the disagreements are more than agreement and this what the researcher assured it through grammar book that he acquainted them . 3. The coordinators is little existed than the representative , and the reason for that is that the coordinators have many restricted, and as in general that said if any has many restricted has less individuals. such as, that the coordinators could not be conjunction or sub conjunction .in contrary of the representative. It is not a condition that the sub conjunction must coincides the conjunction in definitiveness and non defensiveness, and this is not for the representative, and it is many kinds . 4. There is a precise difference between the coordinator and representative that mostly unknown for many ,that is , the coordinator mostly occurs after unknown names and therefore it must be a nunation . 5. This search is still in need for extra efforts to share for this grammatical subject.