The Effect of uprising strategy in the Achievement of the Fifth year Literary School Students in Modern Contemporary European


The following study aims at investigating the effect of climbing the hill strategy on the achievement of the fifth literary grade female students in European modern and contemporary history. An experiment was conducted in the first semester of the academic year 2012-2013. The researcher chose Badr Al Qubra Secondary School as a place to conduct the experiment. The groups were chosen randomly. Section B represents the experimental group and section A represents the control group. The study sample contained 54 female students as 26 for the experimental group who is taught according to climbing the hill strategy and 28 for the control group is taught according to the traditional method. The two groups were equalized in the following variables: age in months, the scores in intelligence test, the scores in history for the previous year and the educational background of parents. To achieve the aims of the study, the researcher put the following null hypothesis. The researcher used the following statistical aids: Mann- Whitney U test, Chi square, Difficulty index, discrimination index, distractors andCronbach's alpha.After scoring the answers and statistical processing of data, the results indicated a statistically approved difference between the experimental group and control group in the achievement variant in the subject of history in favor of the experimental group. In the light of the results, the researcher reached at the following recommendations:Approving climbing of the hill as a strategy for teaching European modern and contemporary history in the fifth literary grade.Urging educational institutions and teachers of social sciences on utilizing teaching strategies like climbing the hill for the fifth grade students and neglecting traditional methods of teaching.Suggestions Conducting a similar study to investigate the effect of climbing the hill strategy in improving critical thinking, and trend towards the material.Conducting a similar study that include both male and female students