Strength Enhancement of Prestressed Concrete Dapped-End Girders


This paper presents the application of nonlinear finite element models in the analysis of dapped-ends pre-stressed reinforced concrete girders under static loading by using ANSYS software. The girder dimensions are (4.90 m span, 0.40 m depth, 0.20 m width, 0.20 m nib depth, and 0.10 m nib length) and the parameters considered in this research are the pre-stress effect, and strand profile (straight and draped). The numerical results are compared with the experimental results of the same girders. The comparisons are carried out in terms of initial prestress effect, load- deflection curve, and failure load. Good agreement was obtained between the analytical and experimental results. Even that, the numerical model was stiffer than the experimental, but; there were a good agreements in both trends and values. The difference varies in the range (5-12)% for the deflection. Results have shown that the pre-stress force has increased the static ultimate load capacity by (35%) in case of straight strand and by (97%) in case of draped strand