The Effect of Using an Assisting Equipment to Develop the Accuracy of Scoring of Young Soccer Players in Futsel


The importance of the research is shown in the use of a new assisting equipment to develop the accuracy of scoring of young players. The research aimed at setting trainings by using assisting equipment to develop the accuracy of scoring as well as knowing the effect of these trainings by using the assisting equipment. The researchers used the experimental method for it goes hand by hand with the nature of the problem that is meant to be solved by designing ( two equal groups, the experimental and the control for the pre and post tests). The sample of the research consists of (20) players from the soccer team of the college of arts and the college of languages in futsel. They were divided into two groups. The results has been showed, analyzed, and discussed which showed that the experimental group is ahead of the control group as far as the test's results are concerned. According to the results, the most important conclusions proves that the assisting equipment has the effect in improving the accuracy of scoring of the experimental group, and the trainings used for improving the accuracy of scoring achieved a progress for the experimental group in the post-test. Concerning the main recommendations, the researchers urged the coaches to use the assisting equipments in their training units in order to improve the various skills in futsel, and the necessity of the coach to make the players aware of the importance of scoring from the areas which are in front of the opponent goal.