Elastic Electron Scattering Form Factors and Charge Densities for Some Nuclei in 2s-1d Shell Using the Effect of Occupation Numbers


Elastic electron scattering form factors, charge density distributions and charge, neutron and matter root mean square (rms) radii for 24Mg, 28Si and 32S nuclei are studied using the effect of occupation numbers. Single-particle radial wave functions of harmonic-oscillators (HO) potential are used. In general, the results of elastic charge form factors showed good agreement with experimental data. The occupation numbers are taken to reproduce the quantities mentioned above. The inclusion of occupation numbers enhances the form factors to become closer to the data. For the calculated charge density distributions, the results show good agreement with experimental data except the fail to produce the hump in the central region for 28Si nucleus. Finally, the calculated charge rms radii for the nuclei under study show good agreement with experimental data. PACS number(s): 21.60.Cs, 21.60.De, 25.30.Bf, 27.10.+h, 27.20.+n