Determination concentrations of cesium -137 in soil and aerosol of city of Ramadi and surrounding areas and the radiation doses caused by inhalation


Concentrations of 137Cs were measured in 40 samples that have been selected from the surface soil in cities of Ramadi, Fallujah, Heet and surrounding areas. The activity of 137Cs in seven dust storms that hit the area western of city of Ramadi within the period 1/3/2013-1/10/2013 was measured also. The concentration in soil ranges between (below detection level-14.5), while it ranges between (7.5-8.8) Bq/kg in the dust storms. The dose due to exposure to the cesium in surface soil was estimated to be ranged between (0.4-7.7) *10-2 mSv.y-1 while the effective doses due to inhalation of resuspended 137Cs was about 1.61*10-8 and the doses caused by inhalation of 137Cs in dust storms is ranging between (8.13-9.54)*10-7µSv/y. This study gives evidence that dust storms contribute in moving of 137Cs and other pollutants from their origin contaminated areas. The source of 137Cs may be not far away from the study region which depends on the direction of the permanent wind in the region, and the location of the study area relative to the source and direction of the dust storms.