Micronucleus formation and Sister Chromatid Exchange in Female Lymphocytes Associated with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion


This study aimed to assess possible genomic instability in women with recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA). Sixty four blood samples from women complaining with RSA and 41 normal fertile females, who had at least one or more child, 21 of them were pregnant women while 20 non-pregnant were collected. Frequency of micronuclei (MN) in Women with RSA was statistically increased (8.66+1.74) (p<0.05) compared with normal fertile women either pregnant (3.83+0.74) or non-pregnant (3.61+1.02). The difference between non-pregnant and normal pregnant groups was not significant. The results obtained from SCE analysis were used to detect DNA damage among RSA women and control. The result showed a significant increase (P<0.05) in SCE frequency in women with RSA (8.43+2.65) compared with normal control either non-pregnant (3.85+0.97) or pregnant women (3.52+0.94), with no significant differences between them. This concluded that the frequency of MN and SCE in cultured peripheral lymphocytes can be used as a biomarker of genomic instability in somatic cells.