A Proposal to Modulate ACS (Case study: Clustering Ionosphere database using FCM)


This work trend to strength ACS, which is used as a solution for optimization problems, to make ACS more efficient and strongest to face the most important problems and faults in it is infrastructure, these problems are local optimum and stagnation. The enhancement is done by building proposed algorithm is called Modulated ACS, which is a trend to optimal solution by efficient treatment for local optimum and stagnation. PSO has been exploited as a solution to solve the both problems; that by modulates ACS by PSO parameters to converge the global and local updates. Several experiments are conducted to prove the robustness and strength of proposed Modulated ACS algorithm. The experimental works was done by applying traditional ACS and modulated ACS as an attribute reduction for Ionosphere database which include 351 instances, with Fuzzy C-Mean (FCM) clustering algorithm. The results show that; the modulated ACS introduces optimal time for finding the solutions than the traditional ACS. The modulated ACS reduces 50% of overall time spent by traditional ACS and the precision of clustering with traditional ACS was have 51 outlier instances between two clusters, where the precision of clustering with modulated ACS was have just 13 outlier instances between two clusters.