Study of Estimation of Gill Surface Area of Liza abu and Acanthopagrus latus Gills in .AL-Razaza Lake in Kerbala City


AbstractThe present study deals with estimation of gill surface area to gillsAcanthopagruslatus,The collection study sampling from AL-RazazaLake by use Gill nets and Cost nets , The appear study Results hasdiffer clear in ranges values to the study length groups , They have smalllength groups small absolute gill area compare large length groupsthe have groups large absolute gill area the ranges values (8742.38–15196.07mm2) , was total length average of gill filament the effect onthe increase values absolute gill area while don’t appear the two otherfactor (number of secondary lamellae and secondary lamellae area)the proved study fishes included in the Intermediate Fishes or IntermediateSwimming This study proved first from species on Acanthopagruslatusfishes