Uses of Moist dressing in treatment of Skin Ulcers in Rabbits


The study represent use new kind of dressing which are moist dressing in treatment of skin ulcer, the mechanism of this dressing are keeping the ulcer moist in order to facilitate and enhancing healing process. The study done in the college of veterinary medicine Basrah University in 2013 by making two groups of rabbits each one contain 4 individuals, and inducing different ulcers (in the back, abdomen, around the vagina from out side and on the extremities) by using of caustic material then treated by Comfeel Ulcer and Biatain adhesive with Ag. the result show that using of Comfeel Ulcer dressing in treatment of second degree ulcer had was very good in a period of 4 weeks only, and the Biatain adhesive with Ag treating the deep ulcer (3ed degree ulcer) in 6 weeks. We conclude that the best dressing used in treatment of skin ulcers is the Biatain adhesive with Ag and Comfeel Ulcer with no any complication and without need to antibiotics in case of using Biatain Ag. Although the Comfeel Transparent is the optimum Dressing in treatment of cesarean section induced wound (incision wound).